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Advantages of using polymeric sand

Polymeric sand is a material that you can use to join and set your brick pavers together without chipping or cracking them, but besides that, there are a lot of other advantages when you use polymeric sand with brick pavers.

Improves durability

As mentioned earlier, the binding agents in the sand set and lock all the pavers together, and this will make the installation more durable.

Resistant to rain

The silica and other binding additives inside the polymeric sand reduce the amount of water that can go through between the pavers and down into the base materials. This keeps the base foundation under the surface firm and intact.

Keep the weeds and ants away

Weeds can easily grow almost anywhere, no matter how tiny a space is, there is always a chance that a weed will grow there. But, using polymeric sand can help to avoid weeds growing in your new patio or driveway.

They not only keep the weeds away but also keep ants away, since polymeric sand is way finer than regular sand, ants have a difficult time getting into it.

Comes in different colors

Polymeric sand comes in a variety of colors, from gray to beige, there are a ton of options so you can pick the best color to match your pavers.

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