Geotextile landscape underlayment fabric is made of polypropylene pro-fibre for filtration and drainage. It offers erosion protection that will last a lifetime. Drainage provides high-water flow while also providing excellent soil retention.


Paver Base Thickness

Patios and walkways require a minimum of 6” - 8” of Granular A base and a minimum of 3/4” of High Performance bedding or Chip.

Driveways require a minimum of 10”-14” of Granular A ands minimum of 3/4” of High Performance bedding or Chip.



Polymeric Sand

What are the advantages of Techniseal® Polymeric Sand over normal, loose sand?
Techniseal® Polymeric Sand has proven its worth over the last 20 years. It hardens quickly after being showered and stays in place permanently. Contrary to plain sand, it inhibits weed growth and deters ants.
There is already sand between the pavers. Can I simply add Techniseal® Polymeric Sand on top?
No. It is important to empty the joints before filling them up with Techniseal® Polymeric Sand. Polymeric Sand needs a minimum depth of 4 cm (1 1⁄2”) to be effective. Use a power washer to empty the joints. If there is already polymeric sand between the pavers, soak the sand to soften it up before emptying the joints.
What is the difference between the EZSAND® and RG+ Polymeric sands?
EZSAND® is recommended for residential projects with light traffic and for joints up to 13 mm (1/2”) wide. The RG+ is a polymeric sand with superior strength recommended for areas with normal traffic and for joints up to 2.5 cm (1”) wide.
I am about to fill my paver joints and was wondering if there are any mandatory directions to follow when wetting Techniseal® Polymeric Sand?
It is imperative to wet the sand with plenty of water, by setting the pistol nozzle to the “Shower” mode. Techniseal®’s fast setting Polymeric Sands need a lot of water in a short period of time because they begin repelling water soon after they start to be activated.
How long do I need to wait after installing sand before I can clean and seal the pavers?
It is strongly recommended to wait at least 30 days  after the installation of polymeric sand before cleaning and 1 year for sealing the pavers. This curing period allows the joints to harden completely (curing period).

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